Monday, 19 June 2017

How to make Tapa Cloth.

  1. First you need to peel the inner bark off the mulberry tree. Once you have peeled off the inner bark, then wind the bark into curls then hang them into the sun to dry. Next beat the strips off the bark by one at a time till it is flat.

  1. After you have done beating the bark, then soak the bark in hot water till it gets soggy. When you have tooked out the wet bark, then leave it to dry outside in the sun. Before applying all the layers you have to put the tapa on the tutua then you start beating the bark more with the Ike.

  1. When you had done adding all the bark, then you lay the tapa on the ground then start working by rubbing the umea on each layer before putting all the layers together.

  1. After putting all the layers together then lay it outside to get dry. Now once you think your tapa is fully dry. You then get the koka tree and Squeezed all the juice out and then mix it with the coconut milk to make the dark brown color dye for your tapa.

  1. Then use an old woody pandanus seed for your paint brush, then you start drawing your pattern on you own Tapa.

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