Tuesday, 2 June 2015

We are learning to make a strong password

We are learning to make a strong password and make sure our Google account is secure. By not showing it to other people and making sure it is strong so they can't guess it. Some examples of easy passwords are letmein, qwerty and abc123
Create a strong password that is special just for you.


  1. Kia ora Teremoana, You have shared some great tips for creating a strong password. My top tip is to create a password out of a sentence. Turn it into a password by using the first digits of each word. Thanks for sharing your cybersmart learning.

  2. thats great idears i hope you come up with plenty of other great idears

  3. Hi Teremoana, I think that's a great idea to keep your password and email to yourself or your teacher and family. It is a really good idea so you can keep your account safe. Do you know Lorraine tiatia?