Monday, 4 September 2017

Practicing Cross Country.

This week we started practicing Cross Country on Monday to Friday every week for our daily fitness in the morning. Every morning we have to run two laps around the streets, but for the Yr 8 and Yr 7 finals we have to run about three to four laps around. Today was our first time running which we did really well for the first day, but it was tiring. I hope we get better than before. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Yesterday after morning tea,  was exited to go orienteering to do a fun activity with the whole room 12. After 20 minutes of play it was time to do orienteering, everyone line up to be given each a clip card and a map. When it was time for me to start I looked confused so I had to tell Meana to help me. When I was done with the first course which was course 2, I moved on to the next course until it finished. It was tiring but fun!!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Paper Mache

Image result for paper mache

Yesterday between morning tea, we went to tech. after 3 mins, we arrive to Tamaki collage then we all head to graphics. Then we started to get the equipment all ready. Mr Pineda gave us all a balloon each to make our Mache. Once we left our Mache to get dry for about one week an a half.  We came back to technology to check if our Mache was dry. Most of our Mache was dry and wasn't, so I decided to add more layers of glue and paper. So I had to leave my Mache for another week to dry.    

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pasifika performance

Today after morning tea we went to the multipurpose to perform our song from the movie Moana How Far I'll Go. Every class had to come up with an item to perform which relates to our Pasifika Study. Most of the performances were the classes singing, for room 6's performance they chose to do a cat walk as they showcased their Tongan and Samoan wear. Once there performance were done the audience gave them a clap. I really enjoyed watching every classes performances.  

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Practising our Skipping.


This Term, we've been practising our skipping on the basketball court. Our warm up was helping us to get better and better. While we were skipping Mrs Golder was recording us, to see who was going to be in the skip off and who's putting in more effort. I think if we keep on practising we will get better than before on our skipping. Right now we are  practising everyday our skipping, after our daily fitness to get ready for next Wednesday. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

How to make Tapa Cloth.

  1. First you need to peel the inner bark off the mulberry tree. Once you have peeled off the inner bark, then wind the bark into curls then hang them into the sun to dry. Next beat the strips off the bark by one at a time till it is flat.

  1. After you have done beating the bark, then soak the bark in hot water till it gets soggy. When you have tooked out the wet bark, then leave it to dry outside in the sun. Before applying all the layers you have to put the tapa on the tutua then you start beating the bark more with the Ike.

  1. When you had done adding all the bark, then you lay the tapa on the ground then start working by rubbing the umea on each layer before putting all the layers together.

  1. After putting all the layers together then lay it outside to get dry. Now once you think your tapa is fully dry. You then get the koka tree and Squeezed all the juice out and then mix it with the coconut milk to make the dark brown color dye for your tapa.

  1. Then use an old woody pandanus seed for your paint brush, then you start drawing your pattern on you own Tapa.

Waitangi Falls turns into raging torrent

Rural South Auckland's Waitangi falls has turned into raging torrent as the wild weather continues to lash New Zealand.The video showed the murky brown water hammering down, sweeping debris away and sending spray into the air.