Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ronald McDonald

                                     Ronald McDonald

On Tuesday Ronald McDonald came to our school. He was talking about how to cross the road and to look out for cars. Also he told us the make it click song. He also was hanging his socks on the line, one of his socks blew away. He was trying to catch his red and white sock but he couldn't catch it because the wind was too strong. After that he was looking for his sock everywhere. Ronald McDonald told us that he thought he might go to Ruapotaka School to find his sock. After that he was crying because he couldn't find his red and white sock. He taught us to be safe  when you cross the road.  

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Quality Blog Comment

In term 3 we have been learning to write quality blog comments with Mrs Grant. This is a screenshot of the comment that I wrote on Vaimoana’s blog. I know this is a quality blog comment because it has a greeting and it also saying positive words.


Punctuation Most Wanted