Thursday, 21 June 2018

My First Exam Experience!

So my first Exam Experience was pretty Chill when it got to maths, but when it became to English I started getting Worried.

On our English Exam was pretty too much for me because i already knew that i’m not going to finish the test because it had over 200 questions to answer so i tried my best to try answer them all, But all the rest of the Exam was okay.

When I finish my test I either watch Netflix or Listen to music, When it came to our last Exam I was pretty Excited because it was our last one to do. Each time when it comes to Exam i’m kinda not prepared but I try to do it.

Next time I will try to make sure I study more for my next Exam.


  1. don't do to much writing on the page.

  2. Try not to make your writing come off your page.